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Bom dia!
Today our adventure here in Portugal continued. This morning we left the beautiful and astonishing city of Lisbon and flew to Porto. All the people down in Lisbon said that Porto is very beautiful, but very different from Lisbon- we learned that they all were right:)
Porto is a beautiful city in the north of Portugal, it is very cultural and the city loves art. However, the city of Porto is rather small in comparison to Lisbon and rather rural.
When we arrived in Porto, our "host" picked us up from the metro station and brought us to her beautiful apartment. The flat is soo nice and very beautiful, on the balcony you have a view over the rooftops and can see the sea. Our host also helped us a lot with the orientation in the city:) she gave us maps and descriptions how to get everywhere;) thank you so much! 
Even though we came here in the afternoon we wanted to see a little bit of the city already today:) so we walked down a park, which is near by the apartment and also very popular among the people. Indeed this park is very beautiful and it is amazing how a big city like Porto can have such a big green spot! At the end of the park we arrived the beach with the view on the ocean. It was very beautiful and impressing to see the seaside so we just sat at a bench for a while. We also visited another Castelo, which is next to the ocean. It's called the castel of cheese, no idea why:'D
After that, we took a bus to the old town, "Riberia". It was a beautiful ride with the bus, because it goes along the seaside...
In the old city of Porto we had something to eat in a very cozy restaurant, from which we had a perfect view on the river Douro and the bridge leading to the other city side where the port wine is produced.
After dinner, we walked around a little bit in "Riberia" and had an ice cream. 
By the way, we also found a sticker on one dustbin from the KSV Hessen Kassel:D
After a long day, we finally made our way back home and now it's time to get some rest:)
See you all, boa noite!<3
// Lara & Johanna 

Enjoying the Sun ☀️

Why so serious?



View from the restaurant 

KSV Hessen Kassel everywhere :D


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Wie könnte es anders sein, als im Dortmund-T-Shirt😍😍⚽️ nach so einem verrückten Abend!! LG A.

Svar: Nach diesem Triumph musste es einfach angezogen werden 💛⚫️😍⚽️ Jetzt schauen wir uns noch das Stadion vom FC Porto an! LG 😊

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