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Yesterday we were in Narvik, Norway. Narvik is at the coast of the atlantic in north-norway. It is pretty much known for the occations in the second world war.
The wheater was...not very well, it was rainy and very windy. However, it is a lovely little city with beautiful nature surrounding it. If you go there by car from Sweden, you have to cross the mountains to get there. On the way to Narvik you pass Abisko, which is known for the Kungsleden.
In Narvik, we did a little sightseeing in the city but you can´t see very much... There is a beautiful church and the harbour is nice! We also went into some shops searching for these norwegian-pullovers... Unfortunately, we didn´t find any :(
We decided to go to Narvik again because we still have a lot of things to see there! :)
Today we are at home and want to make a bonfire in the garden with our neighbors. Therefore we made twist bread like you can see in the last pictures ;)
// Johanna & Lara
very windy!


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