Walking on Sunshine ☀️

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Hello friends!
New update from us! We are now in Ponte de Lima. The last days we have been walking a lot... On Sunday, we walked from the camping place in Lavra to Rates. It's about 30 kilometers, and it rained, rained and rained... When we arrived in the hostel for pilgrims we were so happy that we could have a bed, a shower and something to eat 🍕. There were a few other pilgrims too, from Germany, the United States and South Africa. But the night wasn't really relaxful... People came into the sleeping room, got out of it, turned the lights on and then some started to snore... Oh help! The next morning we woke up early and were on the road at eight o'clock. At first it seemed like the rain would take a break but then it started again and our things got wet... We stopped in a little Bus shelter and met a guy from Switzerland we already met in the hostel. The three of us made our way to Barcelos. It was a slushy way in the forest and we also walked through little villages. In Barcelos we met another pilgrim from Germany and together we ate something. After our break we and Andreas from Switzerland, decided to make ten kilometers more to the hostel in Portela de Tamel. It was a good decision because the hostel was really comfortable and modern. So we made 28 km at the end of the day. And the hostel had a drying room!!! Finally our wet things got dry! But the night was bad too because someone snored so loud that we couldn't sleep. And it was a short night too because this morning our tour started at seven o'clock. We walked together with Andreas again and first made our way to a little café. The day was a little better than yesterday but after half an hour walking it started to rain again... So we had to take our rainclothes on... And ten minutes later off... This scenario repeated three more times, but then the rain stopped and the sun came out. Walking is even easier when the sun is shining ☀️! We walked until Ponte de Lima, around 28 kilometers again. There we decided to take a hotel instead of a pilgrims hostel, because we all need sleep and tomorrow we want to make a long tour... So we need to relax a little bit. Now we will check out the town after good food. We are hungry...
// Johanna & Lara

The way...

Ponte de Lima 

Our shoes...


Postat av: Horst Fenge

Publicerad 2015-05-09 16:24:37

Ola menina,
ihr marschiert ja ziemlich stramm, kommt Ihr zu Fuß nach Hause?
Puss o kram

Svar: Si, klaro! Bald sind wir zu Hause angekommen bei dem marsch :D
Puss o Kram

Postat av: Anette

Publicerad 2015-05-09 17:07:44

Ola ihr zwei, wie schmeckt euch eigentlich die spanische Küche? Hattet ihr schon ein kulinarisches "Highlight"? Hut ab vor eurer Ausdauer👍🏻👍🏻 LG

Svar: Echte italienische Pizza 😂 die war ein Highlight! Wir scheuen uns etwas vor den kulinarischen Spezialitäten, hatten ja ein eher negatives Erlebnis damit... Aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch kommen 😉

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