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Hello everyone!

It´s very cold here in “Suomi”! The last week we have had -8 degrees, but today it was rainy and ugly weather outside. The last days were a bit better because it was only cold. Unfortunately, we had to go outside because of the horses. They of course also wanted to have food and water and they didn´t care about the weather... We also  let them go outside and took them inside again in the evening, like all the days before.

This weekend the twins also visited us. Together with Leena, we went to an indoor-playground in Kuopio where they could play. We think they really enjoyed this trip and when we drove home they both fell asleep ;)

Saturday morning, we had to keep an eye on them because Leena went to Mikkeli. A small problem was the language, because they always said something in Finnish and we didn’t understand them. However, it wasn´t a big problem for us and we tried to talk with hands and feet :D They boys did as well and we all got along very well.

In the afternoon, we had time for baking Kladdkaka, a Swedish chocolate-cake, which basically is a pure calorie-bomb. It was really tasty and everyone liked it.

And yesterday evening we finally went to an ice hockey game! It was really cool and we decided to go there again. Jukurit, the club from Mikkeli, played against Hokki. In the last second Jukurit shot a goal, but the referee decided that it wasn´t a goal. So Jukurit lost the game with 2-3 :( Hopefully they win the next game!

Today we cleaned the kitchen and it took a long time, because there are so many cupbords! However, we are champions in cleaning kitchens and now the kitchen is shining again :D


//Johanna and Lara

Diesel fell asleep
Nelly wanted to have a snack
So tired!
Read the last part of the text :D
Össe <3
Mauka and Jussi
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