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Buenas días muchachos!:)
41 kilometers left to Santiago! We have now advanced to Caldas de Reis and will probably be in Santiago in 2 days. 
Sooo, what has happened since we wrote the last time?!:) Well, we started off from Ponte de Lima some days ago with new energy. The "Portela Grande" was a mountain we had to cross and was probably the most difficult part of this pilgrimage, however not impossible. We managed it to get over the mountain and the three of us took a long break in the middle of wine fields. We are still accompanied by our good Swiss friend Andi and we are having lots of fun together:) In the evening we arrived at the hostel, it was very cozy there. However, we could not guess what was going to come that night... The owner of the auberge turned out to be a very "wise" man. He talked a lot about the pilgrimage and how to do things right. In fact, he talked to much and was very mysterious so we left the gathering around the man and went up to the beds. 
The night was quite refreshing and our group of three enlarged. We met Jan and Thomas in that auberge and decided to all walk together to O Porriño. The day was filled with laughter and interesting talks. It was a very hot day, as well as long. We walked to Valença and from there we crossed the border to Spain. In Tui, the Spanish city next to the border has an amazing cathedral, so we made a short stop. At the end of the day, we arrived O Porriño, all glad to take a shower, have something to eat and sleep.
That night in the big auberge was rather exhausting. In a room with 24 people, we could hardly sleep that night. 
After the sleepless night we left O Porriño behind us and started off to Pontevedra. The days was quite nice, not to sunny and not to cold. The pressure in the air was unfortunately very high... After a very hard day, with lots of mountains we arrived in Arcade and stopped there for the night. Unfortunately, we lost our friends Jan and Thomas that day. Maybe we'll meet them again somewhere on the road.
The evening in Arcade was quite nice, we had dinner in a good restaurant with another friend from the road. She is from Russia and later in the evening she invited us and some Italian friends on something to drink. A special liquor which is quite popular here.
Yesterday, we had a lazy day and just made 15 kilometers. In comparison to the last days, that is quite little. However, the three of us were very tired and we needed some rest. So we arrived in Pontevedra quite early and took a cheap hotel room. We took a refreshing shower, ate something and slept a little bit. 
In the evening, we went outside to the city. It was quite full, because all the Spanish people gather outside at Saturday evenings. We also met another pilgrim-friend, which we meet  sometimes now and then. We had a drink all together and later we split and went to our beloved beds:D We also booked flight tickets to Valencia, soccer tickets and tickets back home that night. We did it yesterday, since we can estimate how long we need to Santiago from now on.
At last about today: we had a little bit longer tour from Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis today. It's about 24,5 kilometers and we arrived quite early. Here we got in to the auberge, ate something and while we ate our ice cream we put our feet in the cold creek:) So refreshing!
Have a good Sunday!:)
// Lara and Johanna

Ponte de Lima 

The way up to Portela Grande 


Horror auberge...




Caldras de Reis


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