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Publicerad 2015-05-01 21:01:51 i Allmänt,

Today was the first day of our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. We had chosen the perfect day - it rained... A lot. And it hasn't stopped yet. 
Early in the morning, we took the bus to the city center and then started at the Cathedral of Porto. We made our way down to the river and walked along the "Cais de Riberia". We basically followed the river along a promenade and reached the sea after six kilometers. At that point, we were at the place where we slept the two nights before. We walked past the "cheese-castle", which we already have told about :) 
There, we met two other pilgrims from Germany and together we went to the town of Matosinhos, where we had to look after a place to sleep because all of our things were wet... Literally everything was wet! 💦Now we have eaten and taken a shower and soon we will go to bed! Wish you all a good night! 🌙
Johanna & Lara 

Porto --> Matosinhos: 14 km🏃🏻

In the cathedral, ready to start!


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