Bom Caminho

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Bom Caminho!
The second day of the pilgrimage has come to an end. Today was a lot better than yesterday. It didn't rain a lot and even the sun showed up sometimes :)
We started the day with breakfast in the hostel and started walking at 9 o'clock. The first shell,  which shows the way to Santiago, was in Matosinhos. We walked through the city of Matosinhos, through fish markets to a big bridge. The bridge took us over the river and from then on we could continue the way along the open sea. Today we almost walked over footbridges along the beach. We came through smaller towns and saw many beach bars. Half way to Lavra, we passed a big Obelisk. At the end we arrived in Lavra and here we spent the afternoon and will stay the night.
Johanna & Lara

Matosinhos- Lavra 15km


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Publicerad 2015-05-02 21:37:39

Huhu, sieht nach Großwaschtag aus!! Schön, das Wetter heute mitgespielt hat. Wie geht es euren Füßen? LG A.

Svar: Zum Glück! Den Füßen geht es gut, aber das ist auch eher das geringste Problem... Hier regnet es nämlich schon wieder...:(

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