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Hello guys,

Finally we managed to write about our last part of the trip. We are sure you are all wondering what happened in the last days of our journey back home, so here comes a short summary of the trip:

After Helsinki we took the airplane from Helsinki Vantaa to Stcokholm Arlanda. Again, we decided to visit our good friend Natassa. We wanted to see her, because we had so much fun the last time we visited her and because we all still wanted to see more of Stockholm.

In Stockholm we went to Junibacken all together. Junibacken is a museum especially for kids. It is a museum dealing with all the characters and stories of Astrid Lindgren but also other Swedish authors. Even though the museum is more for smaller kids, it is definitely worth a visit. The three of us all agreed that the museum brings you back to your childhood J

Furthermore, we visited Johanna’s old school. Johanna got to meet her old friends and teachers. After the short visit in the German School of Stockholm, the three of us went to a “Bandy” game. “Bandy” is slightly like Ice Hockey, just with more players, a bigger field, round ball and less protecting clothes for the players. Hammarby, which is the team playing on Zinkensdam, won the match and we were all satisfied to have seen that game. Unless Lara was freezing a little bit and Natassa hid in the toilet because she couldn’t stand the coldness :D

After the game, we also wanted to go to the Historical Museum, but it was closed… So we just walked a little bit through the city and made our way home later in the evening. By the way, we have to mention that Natassa’s father Georgios did the dishes, again!:) Of course we were really impressed by that. We also want to thank the rest of the family that we could stay at their home. Tack!<3

Next, our trip continued to Oslo, the capital of Norway. We took the airplane again from Arlanda to Oslo Gardermoen. In Oslo we lived in a hotel, which was very nice and directly in the middle of the city. We both were very fascinated by Oslo; it’s such a beautiful city with many nice places. The first evening we just went to the Christmas market and walked a little bit through the city. We also went to the harbour, where among others the opera house lies. The building is really cool because you can walk on top of the roof of the opera.

The next day in Oslo we went to four museums: The Kon- Tiki Museum, which is telling about Thor Heyerdahl’s travels on the Ocean with his boat. He for example explored the Easter Islands. We both enjoyed the museum a lot, especially Johanna because she decided it’s favourite museum until now J

Then we went to the Fram Museum, which lies next to the other. The Fram is a polar ship, which a group of Norwegian explorers travelled to the Nort Pole with. Also a really good museum you really should stop at if you are in Oslo;)

Followed by the Fram Museum, we went to the Viking ship Museum, which also is on the same island. The museum was really fascinating, because it contained three Viking ships, which were in really good shape. This is really rare and we both haven’t seen something like that before.

 At last that day, we went to the Homefront Museum. Also a very good and interesting museum dealing with the Second World War, Norway’s role during the war and also the resistance.  All in all, we both were really satisfied after that day. We both learned a lot and were really happy we visited Oslo.

The next day was already the day of departure, but since the airplane was leaving later in the day, we both decided to go to one more museum. The Historical Museum in Oslo, also a very nice museum and the most fascinating part was the Viking helmet, which was exhibited. This helmet is the only helmet, which has been found from the time of the Vikings. And of course it had no horns ;)

The next stop on our trip was beautiful Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Here, again, we lived in a hotel directly in the city. In the evening, we decided to take a walk trough the city. We walked to the town hall, past the Tivoli (Funfair), through the main shopping road to the harbour, all the way to the Amalienborg, which is the palace of the royal family of Denmark.

The next day, we first went to Hans Christian Andersen’s World. He is one of Denmark’s most famous author and probably also one of the biggest fairytale writer in history. However, this museum was rather disappointing for us. It was rather for children and there was not much to see. H. C. Andersen is from Odense, and Johanna can rather recommend the museum there. It is really worth to see but not the one in Copenhagen….

Then we went to another museum about sculptures, it is next to the harbour and we both liked it a lot. Later we made the way to the “Little Mermaid”, she sits on a rock, a little bit away from the Amalienborg. For those who don’t know her, she’s also a character of H.C. Andersen’s fairytales.

After that, we went to the “Glyptotek”, which also is a museum with sculptures and art. You can for example find Rodin’s sculptures in- and outside the Glyptotek. In the evening, we both wanted to go to the famous Tivoli of Copenhagen. It is directly in the city, next to the main railway station. We both liked it a lot because it is so beautiful. You should definitely make a stop at the Tivoli if you are in Copenhagen once;)

Now we come to our last stop of the journey: Hamburg. It’s not a capital of a Scandinavian country, but since we both love the city we really wanted to make a stop there to. Luckily Johanna’s cousin Frauke lives in Hamburg, so we asked her if we could stay at her place for a few days and she said yesJ As some of you might know, Natassa decided to join us a little bit, so she also came to Hamburg. In Hamburg we walked through the city a lot, went up to the tower of the “Michel”, the most famous church in Hamburg. We of course also went to some Christmas markets, walked through the old “Elb Tunnel”. Went to a funfair which is kind of known in Hamburg, called the “Hamburger Dom”. We also went for dinner with Lara’s aunt and her husband, because they were also visiting Hamburg on that weekend. They were also bringing us home because they came with the car. Natassa joined Johanna to her home and stayed for a few days. Thanks again to Frauke who let us live at her place!:)

Well, that was basically how the journey “Work and Travel” ended for now.  We want to thank all the people who made this journey so perfect. The two of us had the best time, we learned so much and we got to know so many new nice people and of course we made a lot of experiences we will never forget! So thank you to all the people out there! Danke! Tack! Kiitos! <3

You’re last question right now might be: What will the two girls do now?:) We will also tell you that: Right now we are both having an internship. Lara is working at the local newspaper as a journalist and Johanna is in an elementary school. Moreover, we are already planning our next adventure, but we will tell you more about that soon;)

See you later alligator!

 Sorry, the pictures are unfortunately not in order...

 Kon- Tiki Museum
 At the funfair in Hamburg
The Tivoli in Copenhagen

No idea where this is:)
The town hall of Hamburg
At the Christmas market in Sankt Pauli
In Copenhagen
Up in the tower of the "Michel" ( We walked all the way up!!!!)
At the harbour in Hamburg
At the Bandy match on "Zinken"
In Junibacken, next to Pippi Långstrump's house
Window of a shopping mall in Copenhagen
Hard Rock Café in Copenhagen
Hans Christian Andersen and Lara
The famous viking helmet in Oslo
The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
At the Tivoli in Copenhagen
Sculpture museum in Copenhagen
Hotel in Copenhagen
The harbour of Oslo
Fram Museum Oslo
Opera roof Oslo
Natassa and Lara in Stockholm
  Royal palace in Oslo
Selfie with Astrid Lindgren
Kon Tiki Museum
Town hall Copenhagen
Vikingship Museum Oslo
Lara found her pullover
Christmas market Oslo
Fram Museum Oslo
Oslo harbour
Vikingship Museum
Hans Christian Andersen and Johanna
Oslo harbour
Hotel in Oslo
Inuit- Johanna
Harbour of Oslo
At the German School in Stockholm with Freddy
Inuit- Lara
Emil från Lönneberga
On the ferry to Djurgården
Pippi Långstrump's house
Johanna and Natassa on the ferry
Town hall Oslo
The old Elb tunnel




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