Portugal in a few days:)

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Dear friends all over this world, the time has come for a new entry! Finally, after a few months back here in Germany, a new trip is planned. On Monday, next week we will make our way down to Portugal, Lisbon. The city of Porto will follow two days later and on the first of May we will start to pilgrim the Way of St. James or the Camino Santiago trail( Jakobsweg). It’s roughly about 250 km from Porto to Santiago and we might also walk the last few miles to the coast of Spain.

We are already both very excited and soo nervous before this new trip, but we are sure it’s going to be awesome. We will try to write about our journey on the blog as often as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the Internet connection on the way. Otherwise, if you are from “Nordhessen” and you receive the HNA, you can read about our adventure once a week in the paper;)

Now a short update on what has happened in the few months back in Germany. As we told you in our last entry, we have been doing different internships in these few months. Lara had a successful internship at the local newspaper HNA and she is now still a freelance worker for the newspaper. Johanna did two internships at elementary schools and she also had one in a bank.

Furthermore, the two of us have started a new sport. Besides handball we are now also playing floorball ( Innebandy), which is really cool. Unfortunately, we had to give up on badminton for that. Besides the floorball training, we have also started to join handball training at the university… So basically we have handball training twice a week, yaaay!:) Talking about handball, we have been to a lot of handball games the last few months. We’ve been in Lemgo, in Kassel watching the MT, in Baunatal and of course in Gensungen, where they still play the best handball!:) Since we can’t get enough of sports, we’ve also been to Frankfurt twice watching soccer and Lara finally managed to get tickets for Borussia Dortmund.

That was basically everything that has been happening around us here the last few months.:) Hope you all will follow us here on the blog throughout the pilgrimage!

Boa noite! Adios Amigos!

In Kassel, watching MT against Eskilstuna
In Lemgo
Soccer in Frankfurt
In Lemgo watching the game against Wetzlar
In Lemgo once again
At a game in Gensungen
Frankfurt vs. Paderborn
In Dortmund
In Gensungen
At the new year party:)

Lara and Johanna


Postat av: Natassa

Publicerad 2015-04-24 10:16:16

Looking forward to reading about your adventures! And remember, if you ever want to come to Stockholm again you will always have a place to stay at (wink wink) xx

Svar: Toppen!:) Thank you very much<3 Hope we will see you soon again:))

Postat av: Anonym

Publicerad 2015-04-27 22:00:19

Hallo ihr zwei, eine tolle und aufregende Zeit bei eurem nächsten Abenteuer!!! LG A+U+L aus Körle

Svar: Dankeschön! 😊

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