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Hello guys!
The second day in Lisbon and we start to fall in love with this city and its people. Today we started out with a morning walk to Belém, which ist some km away from the city center. There are many things to see in the part of Belém, but the walk at the riverside is already quite impressive and beautiful. Sometimes you can even see Dolphins in the river. However, on the way to Belém we walked past the "April 25.th" bridge( got its name from the revolution in 1974, when the Portuguese people freed themselves from the fascist regime). The bridge looks quite the same to the "Golden Gate Bridge" in San Francisco. Furthermore, on the other side of the river, there is a statue of Jesus which is a copy from the one standing in Rio de Janeiro.
In Belém we first watched a big monument, which was constructed to honor the sailors and the explorers. 
In addition, we saw the tower of Belém, which is quite known as the symbol of Lisbon.
As we had to walk back to the city center, we drove back one part with the tram. These trams are also quite known here in Lisbon. Back in time they were pulled by horses, but now they work with electricity.
When we arrived in the city center we walked up to a park. From there we could watch down to the town of Lisbon, see the Castelo on the top of the hill and of course we had a beautiful view on the river:)
Our last activity was that we made our way to the Benfica stadium. Since you know us quite well, it was a must for us to see the stadium. 
Right now we are lying in our beds, all tired but still very excited for tomorrow. Thank you Lisbon for having us! You are a beautiful city and we will miss you and your people!
Johanna and Lara 

Johanna's bridge, born at the same day

Let's chill!

Monument to honor the sailors and explorers

Tower of Belém 

View from the restaurant 

Lisbon 🇵🇹 

Benfica stadium 


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Publicerad 2015-04-29 18:19:39

Helt underbart vi var där för några år sedan. Älskar staden.

Svar: Eller hur?!:) det är så mysigt här:) hälsa alla kära Lotta;)

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