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Boa tarde!
Today we arrived in Lisbon early in the morning, the flight departed from Frankfurt-Hahn at 7 o'clock. 
Arrived in Lisbon we made our way to the apartment we live in (it was very easy because the airport is right in the city). So currently we are accommodated in an apartment and our host is very nice and helpful. Around lunchtime we left the flat and walked through the neighborhoods to the city center. It was quite hard to find the way because there are so many small streets in Lisbon! However, we managed to find the "Castelo de S. Jorge". It's a very impressive castle which was build in the 11th century. From here we had a perfect view of the city and the river Tejo. After that, we went down the slope to the city center. There is a big square at the river, which is quite known ("Praça do Comércio"). From there, we enjoyed the beautiful view to the river. 
In the end, we decided to make a guided bus-tour around the city because we were to tired for walking. It was really interesting and we got to see many of the biggest sights of Lisbon. 
Hope to get some sleep now ;) boa noite! Johanna & Lara

at the airport

The old tram 


Beautiful view

"Castelo de S. Jorge" 

The square


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