Don't ever try "Francesinha"!!!

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Howdy friends;) 
The final day in Porto has come and tomorrow we will start the real adventure. Tomorrow morning we will make our way to the cathedral of Porto and start to walk along the trail of St. James.
However, let's talk about our day. We started off with taking the bus to the city center. From there we took the metro to the stadium of Fc Porto:) We had a guided tour in the stadium and got to see all the cool spots in there. We were in the garderobes, in the VIP lounge of the president and of course we walked through the entry which the teams also uses:)
After that, we went back to the city and looked for lunch. We decided to be a little bit cultural and tried the Portuguese speciality "Francesinha".... It's like a sandwich with lots of meat and cheese, topped with an egg and sauce. However, we both came to the conclusion that we won't try it again! :D
After our lunch- experiment we made our way over the bridge "Ponte Luiz I" to a wine cellar. We chose the first one, which is the brand Burmester, which has been producing port wine since about 1750.
We had a guided tour and later we could even try the different port wines. 
As we had tried the vine we continued on that side of the river( all the wine cellars are on one side, because of the sun) and had an ice cream. On that riverside there is a cable car that leads up to the city top. From the we went back to the other riverside on the highest deck of the bridge " Ponte Luiz I".
Finally we caught the same bus like yesterday and walked back home through the city park. 
Right now we are making a plan for tomorrow:) See you guys!
Boa noite!

In the stadium

Old market in Bolhão


São Bento

In the port wine cellar 

Porto 🇵🇹

On top of the city 


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