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Hey Ho!
we have just a little stiffness in our muscles today... On Wednesday we did a long hiking tour to the "Treriksröset". The Treriksröse is a cocrete stone wich marks the borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway.
First of all, we had to drive to Finland because the only way to get to the concrete stone is by boat or hiking from Kilpisjärvi .The boat from Kilpisjärvi  doesn´t drive anymore... So we walked 12km to the stone and 12km back to the car. On the way to the stone it snowed a little bit, but not very much. And we saw our first reindeers! Isn´t that cool? ;) The trail to the Treriksröset is not the hiking trail you might think of. We walked over big stones and sticks, up hill and down dale, through the woods over the "fjäll" and all the way up to the mountain. So it was not very easy! Therefore, were very happy when we arrived at the concrete stone. Consequent, we were in Finland, Sweden and Norway AT THE SAME TIME! This doesn't happen every day :D After eating our tasty sandwiches we had to hike back... On the way back it snowed more and more. The wind was very cold, but we were well-dressed. Hence, we had to watch out while walking, because the stones were slippery and the sight was not the best. Don´t worry, we arrived intact and only a little bit tired at the car :) And especially very proud because we did it! :)
The way back home with car was suboptimal... snow everywhere and the sight got very bad. We couldn´t drive fast and we had to be carefull because of the nocturnal animals. It took its time to get home... we arrived in Moskojärvi at 23 o´clock. And then our bed was the next stop :D
Yesterday, we visited Kiruna and brought our host to the airport. Kiruna is a little bit bigger than Gällivare or Jokkmokk and it has a huge mine. We bought some things there and after coming home we had to take Mathilda from "fritids". So we take care of her until sunday when her mum´s coming back.                           Wish you all a nice weekend!
// Johanna & Lara
toilet-selfie somewhere in finland!

Look at the street :D
On the road!
The "vandringsled"
reindeers :)
starting the tour!
We arrived!
the "Treriksröse"
on the way back...
The end of the tour
picture taken from google


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