Stockholm i mitt hjärta....

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Greetings from Stockholm everybody!


The journey to Stockholm was really comfortable, but also a little bit exhausting because of the big airport in Frankfurt... However, we survived it and we didn't miss our plane to Arlanda. Arrived in Stockholm, we realised our biggest problem until now: our HEAVY baggage... Somehow we managed to take us from the central station to Vårberg. We had a long walk from the subway to Johanna's friend Natassa's place; who Lara had the pleasure to meet :) Natassa's family is kind enough to let us stay here, during our stay in Stockholm.( By the way, Natassa's dad, Georgios, is really good in taking care of the dishes!)


Today(5. september), the three of us at first went to the old town of Stockholm(Gamla Stan) and then we decided to walk towards T-Centralen, stopping at various places along the way, including to get a cinnamon bun(Kanelbulle). At T-Centralen we decided to get some lunch around four o'clock and after that we went Skansen. Skansen is something similar to a zoo, however you can also get a glimpse of old fashioned Sweden. Before going home, we made a quick stop at the shopping mall in Skärholmen to get some stuff for the journey.


Now we are sitting on our beds, feeling completely full after the great meal Natassa's mum cooked for us :) So after this exhausting yet good day, we wish you a good night<3



Postat av: Horst

Publicerad 2014-09-07 15:42:38

Stor tack till Eva-Liza, Georgios, Natassa, Christos, världens bästa grannar.Synd att jag inte fick följa med.
Ha det bra och bästa hälsningar från Ädderdalen

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