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Sunrise in Moskojärvi
"he poft n'gansen Tach"(Achtung:Nordhessisch!)
Foggy in the morning
The cranberry marmalade
Selfie-time :)
Hello everybody! :)
This week we have been all alone with Mathilda, because her mum is in Jokkmokk. During the week we've been a lot at home. We cleaned the house, cooked food, walked with the dog and looked after Mathilda. On monday she had a special activity from school; they had a short run in the village. On tueseday she visited a friend and yesterday there were some activities in church.
While Mathilda was in school yesterday, we cooked jam out of the cranberries and it turned out to taste very well. Especially to the pancakes we made for dinner yesterday ;)
Today we are going to continue to clean the house while Mathilda is in school. After picking her up from "fritids" today we planned to watch a movie with her.
Since we have been doing a lot this week, we look foreward to the weekend. We are going to Jokkmokk with Mathilda and will there meet her mom. We have not planned anything special yet but we will see about that :)
// Lara and Johanna


Postat av: Anette

Publicerad 2014-09-18 20:11:49

Schön das ihr neue Bilder eingestellt habt. Ist ja schon toll, wieviel Gesichter der See hat!!! Jedes Bild ist auf seine Art schön:-). Und erholt euch am Wochende von eurem "harten" Einsatz als Ersatzmutter gut. GlG Anette

Svar: Danke:)

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