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It's us, Lara and Johanna! Since we decided to do a few months of work and travel, we thought of writing a blog to keep you up to date;) So on thursday next week our adventure starts. We will take the plane from Frankfurt to Stockholm and there we will stay for three days. From Stockholm we will take the night-train to Gällivare and then we are almost there. And the last step will be taking the bus to a small village in the very north of Sweden. :)
So we are very excited for this trip, we can't wait to see our friendly host family and the beautiful nature of Sweden. And especially the new experiences and the adventures we are going to make :) Here in Germany the bags are "almost" packed and the last things have to be done before the departure...
We are going to try to write as often as possible here to keep you updated :) Hope you enjoy our blog! :)Greetings!


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