We're still alive!

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Hello everybody:)
It's been a while since we've been writing... However, now we have some things to tell and some pictures we can show ;) Last week we've been doing a lot. We helped on the other farm for example. The animals there need food and we cleaned their boxes. Today the two donkeys ran away and we had to catch them again... 
Another thing we've been doing, is to pick up the people from for example Mikkeli or school. 
Furthermore, we have cleaned up a little bit in the house. Basically have been doing all those things in this week and we had a lot of free time too :)
We are already looking foreward to the next days, because it's really fun here. There is a lot here we can help with and the work on the farm for example is really nice. We really enjoy this place and we plan to see more of Mikkeli next week. There seem to be interesting museums which we want to visit. Moreover, we also plan to go to an ice hockey game the next weeks :)
Greetings Lara and Johanna 
Living room 
In Pieksämäki

Pablo and Pauli
Cleaning the boxes
The house



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