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New post from us! So now the first two weeks are over and it’s just great to be here! It’s getting colder and colder, but it’s no problem for us to cope with that. We have often been driving to Virtasalmi, where the other farm is. There, we took the animals into or outside of their stable, cleaned their boxes and gave them new food and water. Thursday night, when we were in Virtasalmi, the donkeys and sheep broke free. It seemed to be a “mission impossible” to catch them again. However, twenty minutes later, two sheep and two donkeys were standing in their boxes eating their hay. Mission impossible? Not for us!

Beside this, we also visited Mikkeli, when we had free-time. There are quite a lot shops and this is a real city, not like the “cities” in the north of Sweden :D

Every Wednesday there is a market in the town with different small stalls. And what did we find? A Bavarian stall. Anywhere we go, we find German things and people! Even in the smallest town somewhere in Finland :D Furthermore, we also visited the art-museum in Mikkeli with lots of pictures and sculptures in it. Ok, it didn’t take that much time to visit the museum, because it was not as big as we thought it would be. But it was interesting! The collection was from the time between the two wars. Most of the pictures were from impressionist and neoimpressionist artists, reflecting this period especially from the Finns point of view.

Moreover, we are planning to go to an ice-hockey game in the coming weeks. The local team from Mikkeli is playing in the second league. And we thought: Wouldn’t it fit perfectly well going to an ice-hockey game, right here in Finland, where ice- hockey is the most loved sport J

Best wishes!

// Johanna & Lara


Mannerheim statue
Silva wants to eat the camera
Selfie with Johanna´s "homie"
Lara´s jeans after riding...
The market in Mikkeli
Johanna after the visit at the hairdresser
the church in Mikkeli
Nelly is fascinated of the fishes

visit at the hairdresser


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