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Hey guys!
Time is running so fast and it is so difficult to find some minutes for writing this blog. We did a lot in the last week. Saku and Jörpi are having an outside stable now. It was not very easy to fix everything exactly because of the uneven ground and all the wood in that area. However, now it is good looking and the horses like it! We often see them standing under it. Especially when we built they were walking around watching what we were doing there. One evening it became dark so we had to take extra lights to finish our work. And the final result is really good looking!
And we also build some boxes for their hay. The old ones were a little bit broken and we had some timber, so we fixed two other ones. These are bigger now.
And what happened next? The donkeys ran away... It was already 11 o´clock in the evening and dark outside. First we searched with headlamps and by foot, but then the neighbours found them on the field so we jumped into the car and drove there. After catching them we had to walk home and thankfully the distance was not long!
Therefore we started to build the fence today!
We also went shopping together. We have never bought so much food and stuff... But we are a lot of people and therefore we all need something to eat! Our cart was full of things! :D  
After working the last days we had a free day yesterday. So we decided to visit Mikkeli and spent the day there. First we wanted to go to Mini-Golf but it was outside and to cold for playing... Therefore, we got some lunch and cacao and then we watched...: what do you think? Of course, Icehockey! :D Jukurit played against Sapko once more. And the game was really good. In the first 20 minutes the players seemed to be a little bit tired but in the second and the third they gave everything. In the end Jukurit won with 4-3.
We also play a lot of dart in the evening when it is dark outside and we can´t do more. And we are getting better and better! Some day we will be champions... :D And another speciality of us is baking Crepes with chocolate. We had to try a few times but now they are really tasty!
So, enough for today! We are going to play another round of dart now!
//Johanna & Lara
We also fixed this!
The stable is ready!
Already started...


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The stable is ready och smälter perfekt in i lanskapet.
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Svar: Ja den sitter som tusan:) vårat masterpiece! Tack för hälsningarna, ha der så gött! ses snart<3

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