"Als zus uff Achse"

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Hello guys!
Yes, we are still alive if you had some doubts :) We have been doing a lot the last days. To start off with, we've been at ice hockey one more time. This time we had probably the best seats: in row one, directly behind the team! And Jukurit actually won the game!
Furthermore, we were at the vet yesterday with ALL the dogs, that means we were there with six dogs! :)
Yesterday we also made one of the horse fences donkey-proof :) the donkeys from Virtasalmi are coming here today and they will share the area with the horse Jussi. Unfortunately, we had to do most of the work in the dark and that was not so funny...
Today we were in Kuopio with Kati. We were in a shopping center which is next to an IKEA.  Kati bought some stuff for the home and at the same time we did a little bit of shopping in the center....
Moreover, the last week we've been quite busy inside of the house. We helped to turn one room into an area for the dogs. This area is supposed to be useful especially when the weather is bad. The dogs are dirty and wet after playing outside and in this room the can dry and they don't make the rest of the house dirty :)
That was pretty much it, of course we have done more stuff all days long. However, they are probably not wort mentioning :D
See you!
Lara and Johanna

In the jäähalli

On the way to the vet. Diesel is not very excited...

At the vet

Somewhere in Virtasalmi
Today in Kuopio 

One more picture from the vet. Casso is hiding...


Postat av: Daniela Siebert

Publicerad 2014-11-09 18:36:19

Hallo ihr Beiden,

die Bilder sind sehr schön und die Hunde einfach zum knuddeln 😍! Wir wünschen euch noch eine tolle Zeit.

Liebe Grüße
Dani & Uli mit
Lilly & Justus

Svar: Huhu!
Vielen Dank, wir genießen die Zeit hier wirklich sehr! Und die Hundis sind einfach super süß 😊

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