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Hello everybody!
The last days have been very exciting. The north can be really beautiful but also a little bit cold :D We have been doing things around the house like cooking and the dishes, walking with Frej (the dog), picking potatoes with Mathilda and we gathered "lingon" (Cranberries) today. Its still the case that we, unfortunately, havn´t met a moose yet :´)
Yesterday we made a trip to Malmberget and later on to Gällivare. These are two little "cities" with big shopping opportunities ;D Actually in Malmberget you can´t see a lot... Just a nice little church and the some remains from the past of the mine. However, we learned that the "city" is moving away soon because the mine can´t take the weight of it any longer. After our visit in Malmberget we tried to get to Gällivare, which turned out to be a little bit difficult :D But we managed it and found our way to Gällevare! This "city" is a little bit bigger and has four (!) shops with clothes. All in all, it was very nice yesterday and we were very tired after this trip and the following walk with the dog. 
Like we said before, we picked lots of cranberries today and tomorrow we will see what we can do with them :)
Greets, Johanna & Lara
 picking potatoes


Postat av: Gerd und Susanne

Publicerad 2014-09-11 08:03:27

Haha Cranberrys, sind die schon süß? Und haben da selbst die Hunde eine Warnweste an?

Hihi - habt eine gute Zeit..

Svar: Ja, wenn man momentan in den Wald geht soll man eine Warnweste tragen, weil gerade Elchjagd ( oder allgemein) Jagd ist;) damit wir halt nicht erschossen werden;) lg jojo;)

Postat av: Anette

Publicerad 2014-09-11 14:06:00

Wer hat denn dann mehr Angst, ihr oder der Elch? Und was wird denn im hohen Norden noch so gejagt außer Elche? Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem "aprilwetter" geplagten Hessen! ;-)

Svar: Naja vermutlich der Elch:D aber manche mutigen jagen auch Bären;) vielen Dank für die Grüße und viele liebe Grüße aus moskojärvi;)
// Johanna und Lara

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