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Hej Hej!
We had a nice weekend in Jokkmokk! :) It is a small town directly on the polar circle. When we arrived there in the evening, we took a short walk to look around a little bit. At the church we made funny pictures with shadows and had a lot of fun. And Lara tried her first Princesstårta, a very tasty cake :)
On saturday we visited a museum. The Ájtte is a museum about the Sami's, the Swedish natives.It was very interesting and we learned a lot! After the visit in the museum, we took a walk in the forrest of Jokkmokk and went up on top of a mountain. And most importantly, we tasted moose and reindeer meat!
Today, on the way back home from Jokkmokk, we made a short hiking tour in the Serri national park. At last, we finished the tour with a bonfire at a lake :)
Have a good night people! We will stay awake a little bit longer, hoping to see northern lights :p
//Lara and Johanna
In the national park
Jokkmokk by night
taking photos at the church
The toilets in Jokkmokk
feeling cool ;)
moose and reindeer meat!
Selfie in the forest of Jokkmokk
trying to catch a "reindeer" with a lasso
thumbs up!
Bettina, our successful firewoman!
Selfie next to the bonfire
In the Àjtte-museum
We are so small!


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Hallo ihr zwei, tolle neue Bilder von euch. Und fast immer in scheinbar sehr nützlichen Wanderschuhen 😉. Hat euch eigentlich das Fleisch und die Prinzessintorte geschmeckt???? Oder müssen wir doch noch ein Überlebenspaket schicken??? LG Anette

Svar: Hallo!:) ja die Wanderschuhe waren's wert! Auf jeden Fall eine gute Investition;) also Lara war von der princesstårta begeistert aber das Fleisch war nicht so ihres:) Johanna fand das Fleisch ok:) aber wir überlebens noch die paar Wochen hier im Norden:D LG

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