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Time to say hello from our second place! We arrived in Finland on Friday. Our journey was long and exhausting... The first flight started from Kiruna and we have never seen such a small airport like this! Really cute :D The next stop was in StockholmArlanda, where we had to find the terminal of our next flight. Fortunately, our baggage was boarded through, so we didn´t have to check in again. But then our flight to Helsinki had a 15-minutes delay... We were worried all the time about getting our train in Finland, because we knew wouldn´t have much time there. When we arrived in Helsinki we had only ten minutes to take our baggage, find the way to the bus station and buy the tickets for the bus. As you know us --> we managed it perfectly ;) We got the bus and half an hour later the train to Mikkeli.
Arrived in Mikkeli, Leena took us from the station and we drove to their and our new home. The house is really big and beautiful and we are living in a wonderful room inside the house :) The house used to be a school back in time.
On our first day, Leena showed us everything around the house and the other farm where they moved away from. They have two horses, two donkeys and two sheeps there. After coming home again we helped outside to build a fence for another horse and we sweeped the leaves. Its totaly different to Sweden, however,  also very nice and another new experience.
//Johanna & Lara
The house in Finland
Goodbye Frej!
Kiruna Airport- too big
First selfie in Finland
Our room


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Ich sehe ihr habt Spaß! ;-)

Svar: Ja, es lässt sich hier gut Leben in Finnland:)

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